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Sunflower Mind evolved over the years out of experiential workshops exploring embodied relational mindfulness. Very little of it is in written form (or video, or any form). I will be writing (and/or recording) more about Sunflower Mind and the Relational Implicit in the coming year.

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Meanwhile, the following video, which is several years old, provides an introduction to some of the concepts. This is a 25-minute video, divided into several short clips, with transcripts. You can start from the introduction below.

Later, if you want to access any of the clipsindependently, see: Sunflower Mind video clips.

Here is the introduction:


So, Sunflower Mind, huh?

What is going on in the mind of the sunflower, as it is moving with the sun?

I'm inviting you to think of this as a metaphor - as something that has a poetic truth as opposed to a literal truth.

And we're going to talk a little bit more about what the metaphor is about, and how to carry it, and how to use it.

But it certainly is not situation where we should be a slave to the metaphor. We can really enjoy playing with mixed metaphors - changing them, not be consistent.

There's something at the heart of it that might, after we talk about it for a while, have some kind of a poetic truth to you. And that poetic truth is going to be elusive. It's going to mean something to somebody, and something else to somebody else. It's going to mean something else to you one moment than the other, and there will be some degree of similarity and some degree of difference, and that's okay.

I'm suggesting that you embrace them, as we continue talking about Sunflower Mind, and what goes on in the mind of the sunflower as it moves with the sun.

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